Few words about me.

In my free time I mostly read. Not only fiction or non-fiction. I like reading handbooks about web design, technical aspects of audio/video, and registering sound live. You can read about my latest discoveries on my blog.

I spend a lot of time outside, mostly biking or playing badminton. While the weather is too harsh for biking, I use some outdoor gyms or run in the forest.

I’m a big cinema-goer and I’ve enjoyed it greatly when cinemas went back to the prepandemic schedules. I prefer smaller, artsy cinemas to bigger multi-screens. I love that the last few years were fruitions for Polish art-house cinemas. You can clearly tell a major leap in terms of comfort, audio and video quality and accessibility.

I am a huge animal lover, too. I try to find some time for animal-related NGOs. I’ve been vegan since 2016. For the last 5 years I’ve been also living with my furry friend, Jawor. He’s a tireless companion. I have quite a few photos of him “helping” me out, which I will drop here and there.