E-commerce done using WooCommerce and Elementor. The client owned an established e-commerce previously, but it needed a complete overhaul. It was necessary to migrate all clients’ and products’ data to a new server.


My responsibilities: initial design, layout, font selection, color selection.


VIR Gallery

A custom online gallery for Media students from Poznan. The whole service consists of two layers, which aesthetics were long debated and finetuned. The “ENTER VR” allows you to actually enter the VR part of the gallery. Subsequent folders within the “INDEX” part link to the artists and their pesonal pages-exhibitions.

My responsibilities: design, layout, font selection, color selection.

WARNING! For technical reasons, the site doesn’t use SSL, however it is 100% safe to use.

Festiwal Słuchowisk

Design for a page for Festiwal Słuchowisk 2021 (Radio play Festival 2021). I was responsible for the whole layout. It was important to implement Gutenberg from the ground-up, to maximally simplify the service for less technical people from the Festival’s team.


My responsibilities: design, layout, font selection, color selection.



Design for a project called _spacja (simply “space” in English). _spacja is an open garden, a woodworking shop, a common space, fa urniture renovation space, a makerspace, and much more, I did the initial layout and design, however the project is yet to be updated.

For me, it was important to implement graphical assets that will tie the project to its location. I used maps and graphics of Sołacz district, nearby ponds, Bogdanka river and its surroundings. I aimed towards live, but not overwhelming color pallete. More _spacja-related assets soon.

My responsibilities: initial design, layout, font selection, color selection.



  • Keyword intent analysis

    Keyword intent analysis

    I want to share the results of my keyword/phrase intent analysis for phrases: “boost conversions” and “google analytics alternatives”.

  • Nintendo Switch cartridges

    Nintendo Switch cartridges

    I’m deeply interested in the gaming industry, and I’ve come across a cool design solution from Nintendo. Games for their ultra-popular mobile console (110+ mil sold units!) are physically published using cartridges. These are small, plastic objects, with dimensions of 35mm x 33mm x 3.8mm. They mostly resemble an overgrown SD card. Because the console’s…

  • Warning! Good design ahead.

    Warning! Good design ahead.

    We encounted good — and unfortunately, bad — design every day. With this post I want to kickstart a series presenting those good design examples. I want to present good web and graphic design, cool typographies and UX-related matters. I will share greatly designed, in my opinion, physical products. I will do my best to…