A selection of photos done in recent years.

I began shooting analog photos around 2015. I shot moslty in b&w, doing all the processing myself. To this day I love developing my own films. I love the slower, analog approach. However, the rising costs of all materials got me to think more than twice before releasing the shutter.

Of course, I also shoot on digital cameras. I love high contrast photography: soft and mellow light of the day vs hard, overblown night photography with flash. I always try to improvise and find the right, captivating scene.

All the works here were done between 2015-2021 Most of them were shot on analog. On my blog I will gradually add information about analog techniques, processing, cost effectiveness and other related topics.

Most of the photos were done on the go, also while touring (check!). My main interest are people and what lasts after them. This is often reflected in my landscape or still lives. I shoot remains, derelict buildings or environmental impact of humans.

Among those works you can see one ongoing series, shot between 2016 and 2019. It is my subjective view England, precisely: the area where some of my relatives decided to settle. Traveling with my camera, I tried to understand what does it mean to be Polish and live elsewhere. I was peeping pubs, leisure activities, my family’s closest friends and coworkers. From these photos I made a documentary of middle-immigrant-class between 2016 and 2019. With further political tumults and the pandemic, nowadays everybody has to struggle with even broader the problems.

I will try to add more recent photos here and here. Please, enjoy them and feel free to mail or contact me directly.

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