I take great pleasure in recording and mixing audio/video. Of course, the global pandemic made playing or recording live almost impossible. That’s why I’ve been searching for remote mixing jobs.

Two medium medium-lentgh documentaries for which I post-produced sound are still waiting for their premiere. I’ve taken this time to learn new DAWs, and get more theoretic background.

Recently, I’ve been recording some of my own tracks.

…more about audio

I started my interest in the audio world when I was still a teenager, around 2005. It was back then that I’d first encountered a bass guitar. However comical and amateur those first trials were, music and sound is a huge part of live since then. I’ve been trying to find more photos than those presented in the gallery below gallery. Unfortunately, early 00’s weren’t the most convenient times in terms of shooting and documenting everyday lives, so probably some photos are gone forever.

I was actively involved in bands such as Szezlong, Oslo Kill City and Asia i Koty.

However, since 2019 I have dedicated most of the time for music recording and production.

I switch between Logic, Audition, Ableton and Audacity, depending on the task. I use external plugins, but often I’m amazed by effects achieved using plain, stock tools. I like to keep my setup nice and clean.

For video-related work, I use almost all of the tools from Adobe CC* (Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects and Illustrator). I am flexible while picking the right software for the job. I am also very fond of Apple’s software*, mainly Final Cut and Motion – I try not to stick only to one company.

*none of the above companies or brands neither sponsor me nor did it tweak my opinion in any way; I use the software that I find the best and most suitable for me and I think that the creators deserve really huge kudos